Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why does it always have to happen to me?

I suppose talking about rejection for writers is a subject that we can share everyday of the week and twice on Sunday and still have more to say. It seems in the past weeks a lot of writers have been reporting in with rejection. No way am I going to tell you that it feels good becasue lets face it, that would be a lie. Rejection hurts.

I think from the moment you think about making that serious move toward a career as a writer there is rejection whether it involves family, critique partners or your own internal editor.

But I want to chime in on this today because most of the time you don't hear the published writers telling of he rejections they receive. There are reasons for this besides pride. From the published authors I've talked to they state it's becasue no one wants to hear about the rejections of someone who has what they want. The thing of it is especially if you're planning to make writing a longtime career rejection is just a part of the game. A lot of writers (most if writers would admit to it) are dealing with, 'Why does it always have to happen to me.'

Well guess what? We all feel that way. Recently I interviewed a prominent AA author who has over 50 books in print. She informed me that she sold one book, the editor left, she had to wait three years before she sold another book. Three years later she sold another book. The publisher went out of business. Three years later she sold her third book. And would you believe it happened a third time? In nine years she sold three books. But she kept writing during that nine year span and when whatever happens when things are right for you, she was ready. She's now one of the writers who has to turn in a book every two months. She didn't worry about the Why does it happen to me part of the business. It happens to all of us. Sometimes it's because an editor leaves and the new one may not like your voice. Or the publisher closes the line and no longer needs what you write. With the state of the economy many publishers are closing up shop.

I've been writing short stories and with that has come an entire slew of rejections. I've received a couple of sales and a couple of handwritten notes telling me they really loved two stories but they weren't the kind they publish.

Many of my friends have received multiple rejections in the past weeks and rightfully so have been feeling down about it. So with that in mind I thought it was time to talk about this subject once again. I know my heartfelt sentiments have not made my friends feel any better about getting rejections and in truth it was not what I was trying to do. I wanted them to just keep writing becasue one day the stars will be shining on them and like the author that sold three books in nine years they will be ready. And God no, before you even go there I'm not saying that you have to wait that long. You just have to hang on and keep writing.

The occasional letter from a reader saying they enjoyed my work keeps me going.Generally I don't read reviews of my work. Today I decided to. Two reviews below is what keeps me writing in spite of rejections. Find something positive that has to do with your writing, even if the compliment comes from a friend. And when the going gets tough remember the compliment and hold on. Why does it always happen to me can also be a good thing.

May 31, 2009
By Nature "Nature Girl" (Ariziona) - See all my reviews
This is Twlight for adults. This is a first book in the series. And after reading this I can't wait to start the next one. You care for the Vampire Adam, even though it seems that he has no redeeming qualities. His love for Eve. slowly changes him for the better. But he still is working on Eve, so that she will come to teams with her love for him, and to live in eternity with him.
This book is definitely for the Adults, very steamy...

5.0 out of 5 stars I want more Adam!, December 30, 2008
By PrincessDiva63 (Trenton,NJ) - See all my reviews
I am not a very well versed person who can take her thoughts and translate them to paper or net. I will start this off by saying "I wanted something different to read". I wanted romance but not the norm and mundane. When I first started looking, I had no clue about Vampires and their Love and Desires, until Adam Omega. I have read both books and I am anxiously waiting for the next...All I can say to the author is HURRY! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series and can't wait to read what happens next.

Thank you ladies for keeping this writer writing



Niambi Brown Davis said...

There are times when we feel that "all is lost" (lol) and as you said - a note, a review, some encouragement comes along. You're right - just hold on. And congratulations on those reviews!

Miriam Pace said...

I love seeing great reviews for everyone.

In my opinions rejection is part of the process of being a writer. Even Nora Roberts was rejected. I think the greatest triumph is to persevere. I've taught writing for almos6t 20 years and one thing I've discovered is that the writers who persevere are generally the ones who succeed. They may not be the best or the greatest writer but they keep going despite the rejections.