Sunday, June 21, 2009

Songs that inspire

My last post, I talked about really, REALLY bad movies. Now I want to talk about songs, great songs, love songs, angry songs. In general, I want to talk about songs that inspire.

Friends, family and people who know me know that songs inspire a lot of my writing, both the songs and their titles. Sometimes it's the music itself, like a "A Beautiful Mine", the theme song from the TV show "Mad Men." Or it could be lyrics in a song that speak to me as an author, like "The Book of Love" or "In Your Eyes" both by Peter Gabriel. Or sometimes I'll listen to songs to get a tone or a feeling. Anything by Jill Scott will do for me to get that sensual tone.

So what I want to know from you authors is what song or songs inspire you? Is it from one particular singer or a genre of music? From you readers, what songs inspire you in your life? What songs make you feel uplifted, recall your youth, feel sexy? Come on. Share.


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