Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi Guys,
sorry I missed last month posting. Working a full time job and writing sometimes wear the mind down and I needed time to regroup. I was just thinking what should I blog about this month and then it dawned on me. Father's day is just around the corner so here goes my take on fatherhood.

Lets begin with the meaning of the word Father. According to the American Dictionary the meaning of the word is a man who begits or raises a child. Fathers are different colors, shapes and sizes. There are some who are good fathers and on the other hand, not so good. There are children in this world who don't know who their fathers are. And it is sad to say there are some who knows exactly who fathered them but because of physically or emotional abuse wish they didn't. There are fathers who have dropped the ball in raising their children, especially the male child. No wonder some of our male children grows up to be offenders of the law, joining gangs just to feel as if they belong to a family, which leads them to an early grave. If only there were a good father, or father fiqure in their lives.

Fathers you are needed in your children lives. No matter what the circumstances between you and your child's mother, make it your business to be there. The bottom line is a child needs to feel that their father loves them. Whether or not he is a executive of a major cooperation or a garbage collecter. Your love and support is precious to your children. So I say to all fathers out there who are doing the best they can, keep up the good work. Raise your children with love, respect, and dignity and not only will you be rewarded, but the generation of our children will be better and so will the world we live in.

Janie De Coster
Author of Broken Commandments


Miriam Pace said...

Janie, what a lovely sentiment. Mother's Day seems to be the bigger celebration, but fathers deserve to be honored, too. Thank you.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

I enjoyed your post. It made me think about my father and my husband.

One year I aksed my older son who was his hero (he was a teenager at the time). "My father," he said with no hesitation. We remember that every Father's Day.