Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bridget Midway...wide open!

Good morning, my sexy bitches!

I'm sure I've chatted with a lot of you, but I think this will be the first time that I will do a full introduction to the Parker Publishing readers.

I'm Bridget Midway, and I write erotica and erotic romance. Usually I write BDSM erotic romance, but for my story, "Bitter Ball" in the What White Boyz Want anthology I toned it down. Believe it or not, I can be tamed.

"Bitter Ball" is an interracial romance about two friends who attend a Valentine's Day ball for singles and discover that being single may not be all that it's cracked up to be.

I love writing stories with friends because I think to be great lovers, you have to be good friends. Plus I think readers like the idea that a current friend has the potential of being a lover. I know in my life, that's how it happened.

My writing career...

I've been writing since I was about 11 years old. Of course back then I wrote sweet romances, mainly stories with my friends as the main characters and whatever hot celebrity or singer that they loved at the time. So lots of stories with Prince, every member of Duran Duran, George Michael of Wham UK! and Michael Jackson without the skin ailment. Of course I'm dating myself, but you get the idea.

Around high school, my stories started getting a bit risque. Thank God for cable. I knew kissing. I knew heavy petting. And I knew about the missionary position. Anything beyond that, I had no idea what people could do for one another. Now I have a great time creating scenarios for my characters. Hopefully readers dig reading what my twisted mind puts out.

A bachelor of arts and master of arts degree later, I started getting my work published about four years ago. I wish I had more time in the day to write more. And I hope to write more for Parker Publishing.

If you want to know more about me, you can find me all over the 'net.

Newsletter group:
My Space:
Book Tour:

And speaking of Book Tours, I'll be doing a multi-author meet-and-greet on Saturday, February 28th from noon to 3 p.m. at the Central Library branch at 660 W.Fifth Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I'll be signing print copies of What White Boyz Want as well as other fan faves like Love My Way, Fascination Street and Original Sin. I'm hoping I can get print copies of Coming Together: At Last-Volume 2 by then. If not, then there's always the Leather Flea Market and Fetish Fair in Washington, D.C. next month. If you're in that neck of the woods and can make it out there, I would love to see you!

Hopefully you all have gotten a good idea about me as an author and a person. I'm pretty harmless. Actually, I'm a bit of a reclusive nerd. But my writing is blunt and forward and envelope-pushing. If you dig that, then you'll dig me...I hope.

Until next month!

Stay sexy,


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad, Lisa G. ...Bad, Bad, Bad, BAD Lisa G.!

Recently, I read a book. It was by another author. There. I’ve said it. And now for the biggie: My name is Lisa G. Riley, and I’m an author who reads other authors’ books.

Any time I read a book that isn’t my own that I’m supposed to be proofing, or that doesn’t have anything to do with research for a book I’m writing, I feel as guilty as I would if I’d committed some kind of crime. It’s the weirdest feeling, and almost the entire time I’m reading someone else’s book, my conscience is sending counter thoughts through my mind. It whispers to me (chidingly, of course):

What ARE you doing? Put that book down, please. That author is already published. She’s done what she has to do and you must do the same. How can you possibly live with yourself? Reading other books when you know that that great American novel of ours is just waiting to be written! Bad, girl…bad, bad, bad, BAD girl!

Okay, so my conscience is a little bit harsh and confident (great American novel?) and for some odd reason, she has a snappy British accent, but anyway…

Seriously, it is sometimes difficult to enjoy some of my favorite authors’ work without feeling guilty. Does anyone else feel the guilt, or am I just, um…special? Should I be seeking help?

Lisa G.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Writers Write

YEAH!!! The Critic is up for, Best AA Novel of 2008 (romance)

Why Writers Write.

Dear Readers (hopefully)

First off let me say, Happy Friday the 13th. The title I thought was catchy and I chose it before I wrote one word, so that’s what I’m going to write about today. Only it really should be titled, Why does Dyanne Davis write? Would you be surprised to learn that I hear voices in my head? No. Hmm thought so. And I think I know the reason. It’s probably because you’re used to hearing writers say that. We say it with pride and even laugh if someone looks at us a bit oddly. That’s the good kind of crazy.

Now, would you be surprised if I told you that I talk to myself? Ohhh. That’s the bad kind of crazy. But apparently I don’t care because I’m saying it anyway. Just in case you think this is me rambling which I tend to do a lot of. I actually have a point today. I had a conversation with MYSELF this morning about my title and I could see all the writers on this blog going, “who the heck does Dyanne think she is? She can’t speak for all writers. She has no idea why I write. Generally that wouldn’t deter me but today it did.

Why you ask. Thanks for asking. Well, it was because I kept talking to MYSELF and my friend Lisa G, soon joined my conversation. Lisa says that I’m contrary and you know what? I am. Then I realized that it’s because I’m contrary is the reason I write. I’ll bet you thought I was going to say that it was because of you, the readers, why I write. LOL. Actually that was my original plan because until this mental conversation that took place inside my mind this morning I thought you were the reason for my writing. Thank God you’re not. (You’ll find out later why I say this)

If you’re acquainted with me at all and have read any of my work whether you hated it, liked it or loved it there was a reason for the story and the reason began long before you’d ever heard of my name.

I’m going to speak in generalities for a moment. I believe ALL writers are readers and IMHO if they’re not they should be. I am first and foremost a reader. I began reading at the age of four and have carried on this lifelong love affair. Greek Mythology and the Bible were and still remains my favorite reading material. If the Bible can’t get my creative juices flowing nothing will. I think that’s probably where some of my contrariness comes from. I have talked to God since an early age. I know by the age of six it was a daily habit. And I’m not talking the in your mind keep it private kind of conversation, although I had those also. My first arguments were with God because I disagreed with the methods he’d chosen to work out his frustrations, punishments, whatever.

I’ll bet you’re getting interested now aren’t you? Are you wondering if Dyanne is going to hell or are you just going, YEP, not only is she crazy but Lisa was right, she’s contrary. My next words will confirm this. Again at a very early age I realized the ministers were not doing their homework, and had no idea what the things they were preaching about meant. So I asked and was insulted by the answers. My thought was, ‘Do your homework. You’re supposed to be able to talk to God and ask for understanding. Do it. I did. Well, when the practice continued of telling, the child anything I moved to the front pew and followed the minister with my eyes and cornered him the moment service was over to question him about the sermon. Now that I think of it they should have been glad. I was the only one not saying good sermon which meant I was the only who was actually paying attention.

Was I aware I was being contrary at the time? Maybe just a little. I was aware that I made the ministers afraid. I was also very much aware that instead of being afraid of a kid they could have done as I wanted them to do. Do your dang homework; stop looking at me in fear every Sunday. Have answers to my questions. But I’ll call that righteous contrariness. I just thought of something. I’d always believed it was my mission from God to call the ministers out on their laziness. But now I’m thinking God just plain got tired of arguing with me.

I am as aware as you are that this is supposed to be a blog and not a book so since we’re trying to entertain and get you to come back I will choose not to be contrary for this moment in time. I’ll pick up on March 13th. That’s the date that has been assigned to me for blogging. I can’t be all contrariness though because I took the assignment. (LOL) I’ll see if by March 13th I can actually make it into why I started writing romance. It was definitely because of my contrary nature. So for now it’s safe to say Dyanne Davis writes because she’s contrary. Have a great weekend everyone.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Writing is complicated

Hi everyone. I'm the J. of the J.M. Jeffries writing team. I'm checking in to let everyone know what is the hopper for us. We just had a story in the The Lotus Blossom Chronicles 2 with the wonderful talented Dyanne Davis. Its called Dirty Little Secrets (are there any other kind?) Just a little teaser: what happens when a girl takes Mr Wrong to meet her parents and he turns out to be Mr Right. Throw in a pet pig and some great vintage clothing and you have Dirty Little Secrets. We also have Suite Nothings out. Sexy lingerie designer meets her match with a hot French guy (Are there any other kind?) In April we have Mistress of the Beasts coming out in the Carnivale Diabolique anth along with the wonderful Ms. Davis and Ms. Seressia Glass. Demon fighting super chicks are all the rage right now. And in May we are going to be in Calinte with Kelley Nyrae, Monique Lamont and Simone Harlow. Where all the author explore the timeless appeal of the Latin Lover. Sometime you have to take a trip south of border to find some fun. Okay that's it for J.M Jeffries. If you want to write you can email us at or drop us a line at our blog at

Hi all. I'm posting this for J.M. Jefferies today. They're having computer issues :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Location, Location, Location

I'm not at my home computer, so there will be no beautiful pictures of Caribbean sunrises, palm trees, or even me!(lol) But I love the tropics. I have first-hand experience with that part of the world. Through memory and from what I call the “wall of palms” (my best photos of the Caribbean) I can set readers down in a bustling tropical capital, or a tiny beachside town that is truly the Caribbean of our dreams.

But the comfort zone of personal experience can go only so far. When an editor assigned me a story set in Norway, I had to put aside my allergic reaction to cold and snow and immerse readers into a one-week visit to Oslo.

Of course, the mighty Google sent forth a never-ending stream of information. I visited Norway’s official site, and clicked on the links until I was able to build a story around a woman’s spur-of-the-moment trip. I sent her on the “Norway in a Nutshell” Tour ( She discovered Afrikan History Week (, the African and black expatriate community, and took in a spoken word concert as guest of the West African owner of an Oslo night club.

My next assignment sent the heroine to Scotland, and using the same method of country research, I took her to The Isle of Skye, Dunvegan Castle ( and its mythical Fairy Flag. I couldn’t help but slip my love of bagpipes and military bands into the story and have the hero escort her to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (, performed against the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. For lovers of the bagpipe, there are few things more moving than the finale featuring the Lone Piper at the top of the Castle – seeing it on video helped me to write a memorable last night in Scotland for the couple.

In my research, I use country and city sites as well as random searches for specific needs (i.e., “Africans in Norway”). Travel sites such as Trip Advisor are invaluable for photos and first-hand, candid traveler reviews. My DVR is loaded with Travel and History Channel shows and documentaries. The late Steve Irwin’s travels with his daughter through Australia helped me set a scene in the sacred aboriginal Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park. I researched the best Australian surfing spots to write a realistic story about the heroine’s love affair with a spectacular aboriginal surfer.

It’s obvious that I love research as much as writing. And with my resources I check, re-check and check again. There’s always somebody out there who knows just as much or more; I work hard to avoid the dreaded email that rips my “facts” to shreds.

For readers, what are some of your favorite story settings? For authors who write around the country and the world, what research tools would you recommend?

From Dusk to Dawn

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hello From Abi...

Hi, my name is Abigail (waving wildly) and I'm really happy to join you all here on the Parker Publishing blog.

I guess I should use my first post to tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Manhattan, New York to two very loving parents. When I was five, they decided to follow their dreams and head home to the island of Jamaica. That move meant a lot to my parents, and although I didn’t appreciate it then, I am grateful now that they did.

Like my mother, I have always been a compulsive reader, writing only in diaries during those years that were filled with the usual teenage angst. When I look at my journals now, I smile when I read them. I always did have a flair for the dramatic; I guess a career in writing was always in the cards for me.

I attended the University of Maryland where I met the love of my life. Shortly after we tied the knot thirteen years ago, I started to write. You see, I became pregnant and because I suffered complications early in the pregnancy, I was put on immediate bed rest. Not being a daytime soaps girl, I found myself penning stories until my better half got home. Did I think then that one of those hand-written stories would make a great book one day? Yes, but who was I kidding, who would want to publish me?
After our son was born, the stories were pushed to the side and I began to take care of my newborn baby who was born very premature.

A job transfer for my husband brought us to Florida where I met my first real life author. She made me realize that dreams can come true and I will forever be grateful to her for pointing me in the right direction.

I now live in Central Florida with my hero and our amazing eleven year old son.
I spend my days writing romantic suspense and am very proud to say that my first book THE CHOSEN ONE will be out this year with Parker Publishing. I can’t tell you how humbled I am to be among some of the best voices of our time and I hope that I can live up to their stellar example.

Until next month…


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Real Love

I was reading the February issue of Ebony and the emphasis was on black love. President Obama, his lovely wife Michelle and their relationship seemed to be the main topic. Real love flows between the two of them like a summer breeze. The simplicity of a tender touch, a knowing smile, a passionate gaze cuddles them as they stand before a crowd. The challenges they face as President and First Lady seems to have little affect on the love they so intimately share. So I ask you, where does that kind of love comes from and where can we find it today? So many relationships falls apart at the first sign of trouble.

The pressures of marriage, children, aging parents, employment or the lack there of has taken a toll on couples trying to hold things together. What does it take these days for a couple to sustain their relationship inspite of the negativity and despair that lurks around, threatening to snatch away any glimps of happiness and fullfillment? Today's society is consumed with the me me me factor and it is costing us dearly. Broken marriages, broken children, broken government and ultimately a broken spirit. We need to go back to the days where families mattered. Where the values of loyalty, committment and morality were taught.

We need not only to rebuild our faith in America, but work needs to be done in the foundation of our homes and in our relationships towards others. Going back to our roots where our word stood for something. Having faith, trust, committment and values is not out of date. These things should be practice daily in our lives and in the upbringing of our children and then maybe real love will find its way back into our lives.

Janie De Coster
author of Hidden Secrets

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How I got hooked...

Hi, my name is Kelley and I have a confession to make. I used to be one of those people who snubbed my nose a romance novel *hides head in shame*. Of course I'd never actually read a romance novel when I felt this way. I assumed (and you know what they say about assuming) that they were all cheesy, gooey stories that I would never be into, which honestly made no sense. Not only was I completely wrong, but I've always be a romantic. Why I thought I was too good for romance books is beyond me.

So, about four and a half years ago my hubby, myself and our eight month old daughter moved from a tiny town in Southern Oregon (no more than two lane freeways, one grocery store in my town, 98 kids in my graduating class kind of small) to Southern California. His family was down here and it just so happened that my sister and her family had moved down here as well. So the move made sense and even though I was scared, I was excited too. Things were really hard on me at first. I went from a town where I knew everyone, to a city where I knew no one (family doesn't count :)). I went from always working full time to being a stay at home mom and my hubby worked A LOT. I was really lonely. On one of my lonely days I was browsing Barnes and Noble and ended up picking up my first romance. I devoured it and from that day on I devoured a great deal of books. I averaged about three or four a week reading any and everything I could. I was shocked at what I'd missed out on all those years! Not only were there beautiful relationships of intelligent women finding love, and steamy sex but also friendships. With a good book, I walk away feeling as though I've made a friend and at that time in my life that's what I needed most. I found that between the pages of my books.

My old love of writing started bursting to the surface again. I wanted nothing more than to give that same feeling of hope, love, and humor to other women, the same way the authors I read gave it to me when I needed it most. That's when the idea for Getting Lucky with Luciano started to form in my brain. It began with three friends and honestly, in almost all my books there will not only be a romance but strong relationships between women. I think our female friendships are SO important but some times get lost in the shuffle of our lives.

From Kaylee, Tabby and Bri Luciano popped into my head, followed by Nico. My hubster is Italian and when we moved here I was introduced to a large Italian family and the wonders of great Italian food which gave me the idea for Luciano's restaurant. I sat down to write and things have never been the same for me.

I am still a compulsive reader but my numbers have gone down to one or two books a week. With my writing and now TWO kids that's all I can do. I am so thankful for that trip to Barnes and Noble. I'm thankful I got off my high horse and opened myself up to the wonder that can be found beneath the cover of a romance novel.

Now it's your turn...who did your book reading habit begin? How did you get hooked or do you remember specifically what book hooked you?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back on Schedule

Happy February! Welcome to the official launch of Parker Publishing's the months ahead, you'll get to meet our authors as they provide you with bios, contests, reader profiles, interviews, character profiles, excerpts, and much more. I'm going to become a familiar face on this blog so don't miss out on the new line up...

Today, I'm going to be wearing my author hat and giving you tips on getting back on schedule. One of the biggest problems I faced was my inability to manage my time. Procrastination and distractions played heavily into my day-to-day routine which didn't help my writing schedule. I realize most authors are employed full-time so writing may be limited. However, when you are able to create a schedule and stay on track, you'll discover how much you can accomplish in a matter of weeks.

Okay, how can writing be a career when we enjoy it so much? The answer is that, like any job, it requires dedication, hard work, and discipline if you want to be considered a serious writer. You have to view it as a full-time commitment or else it may take you months or years to complete your manuscript. Just remember: Writing is a Career! So treat it as such.

At the beginning of the year I created a spreadsheet that is both a timekeeping tool and good record keeping for when tax season rolls around. It's smart to document and keep all records and receipts that applies to your career: i.e., work hours, office supplies, conference trips, writing retreats, mileage, etc. You have to view writing as a small home business, otherwise it's just a hobby if you have no plans on actively pursuing it.

Get your Template HERE...

My Work Log contains 4 different spreadsheets:

1. Work Log - This is a breakdown of all my writing time including promo and research
2. Submissions - Which agent and editors my projects are submitted to (if you have an agent, you can still keep track of which project was sent where)
3. Expenses - Breakdown of all office supplies, conferences, retreats, etc. that relates to your writing (Make sure to write the names of the people and what you were working on in the back or front of the receipt)
4. Mileage - Correctly document your odometer reading and mileage to writing events, meetings, retreats, signings, etc. (Keep track of the beginning Odometer reading and the End of Year Odometer reading. Also, you can print out this page and leave in your car to keep track, then transcribe it to the spreadsheet)

By making an effort to fill out these forms on a daily basis is the first step in getting organized and on schedule. The second part is to follow this format until it becomes routine for you. The more you use the spreadsheet (feel free to re-arrange) the easier it will get! This is no different than freelance work where documentation is beneficial. Even if you work full-time, it is good to keep track of the times you write and by monitoring your productivity, you can create a time schedule that you can repeat. If you work at 9:00 AM and you're an early bird, make it a habit to write an hour every morning before work and a few hours after the children are tucked in bed. By forming a routine, it gets easier. After a month of trying out your schedule you will discover what works for you and how much time you've spent writing. If you are interested in documenting the number of words or pages written, you can add the column into your Work Log. By including your beginning pages or word count somewhere on the spreadsheet and comparing to how much you've written in a month, I can guarantee that you'll see the results.

Only you can make writing a career...but like all things, it takes time. The first step is getting organized! Good Luck!