Monday, April 27, 2009

What's in your purse?

Things have been kind of quiet here lately, so I thought I'd post something. I cleaned out my purse yesterday. How could such an accumulation of stuff fill up such a small purse? I try to keep a small purse otherwise I would put everything in it. I can barely stuff my Kindle in it. As I was cleaning, I found myself amazed at what was in my purse. Besides Target and grocery receipts, I have two checkbooks--one business and one personal, two bills that need paying and are still unpaid, a small pouch for my credit cards and other useless cards that stores think I need to get discounts on regular purchases, a coin purse that is open at the top and all the coins are at the bottom of my purse, two lips balms (in case I lose one), two pairs of reading glasses (in case I lose one), a dozen pens (in case the first one doesn't work), two small notebooks (I don't know why I have two), an alligator clip, two cell phones (one business and one personal), ten packs of Splenda, an empty business card case because the business cards are in a pocket that's easier to find than the case, and a second alligator clip (I don't know why I have this one either), a cloth to clean both pairs of reading glasses, a second set of keys (in case I lose the first set) and lint.

When I laid everything out on the table I couldn't believe I had all that in my purse. No wonder it was so heavy and my shoulders were starting to hurt. So I ask you, what's in your purse?


Abigail McKenley said... I've emptied the bag and I've found two cell phones, the blue tooth headset I thougt I lost, change, three tubes of lipgloss, a ten dollar bill, receipts from walmart, macys and publix and an empty pack of gum.

I think I need to clean it more often.

Miriam Pace said...

Me, too. I forgot to add the three rubber bands. Not a clue why since I have short hair.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

A book, in case I ever get stuck in a line, a cellphone, something sweet (in case I ever get stuck in a line) (lol), a useless but cute wallet and my keys

Dyanne said...

Today is Sunday, May 3rd and I'm just reading this. Miriam, you gave me a much needed laugh. Before I can tell you what's in my purse I'd have to find it. 99% of the time I don't carry a purse because I leave it behind when I enter buildings. Bill has become the official purse watcher when we go out to a restaurant and I have one.

I lose things. He carries my driver's license, charge cards, and anything else that's important to prevent me from losing them.

But get this, on the rare occasion that I'm out alone doing the driving and ask for my license he hands me his entire wallet. That makes me laugh each and every time.