Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After I posted my last blog post, I got to thinking about inspiration, mainly story inspiration. I've always wondered what inpsires other authors. I know how I get my story ideas. They come from newspaper articles, news stories, my own dreams, my friends, music or sometimes just a specific submission request.

When Kymberlyn e-mailed me about getting a story for the first White Boyz anthology, I got inspired by the subject matter. What do white men want? I thought they would want what anyone else would want: love. If Parker is goign to do What White Boyz Eat, I've already have story ideas for that one.

So here's my question for authors. What inspires you? Do you listen to song lyrics and get inspired? Do you watch a TV show or movie, and think you can create a better version of it?

Stay sexy,

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