Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finding That Special Someone Begins With You.

This month I fiqured I would do an article on love. It seems as if we women and men are looking for that perfect mate to make our lives-perfect. Well maybe one day science will allow us to build our mate from the inside out, but until my article. Thanks.

Some people would say that finding the perfect man or woman is like searching for a needle in a haystack right? Wrong. It isn't the perfect mate we are so critical in finding, but the idea of perfection that we are trully seeking. Well unfortunatedly we're not living in a perfect world and life is not perfect, and neither are the people we love or hope to love in our future. We all have our faults and no matter how hard we try, we will never reach that scale of perfection. God made only one perfect man, his son Jesus. So we have to work with what we have here on earth. God has given us free will to choose what's right and wrong and it is up to us as individuals to determined what road we will take. We all are guilty of imperfection, so how can we expect our mate to be perfect when we ourselves are not? If we constantly expect something outside the scope of reality, then our dreams will certainly turned into nightmares. To expect perfection from one another is like expecting it never to rain again.

On the other hand, should we just give up and accept being hurt, cheated on, lied to and used? Of course not. We must take responsibility for our own actions in our pursuit of happiness and stop depending solely on others to make us happy. We must look within ourselves and strive to be the individual that we are seeking. If we want truth in our relationship, then we should be truthful. If we want trust in our relationship, then we should be trustworthy. If we expect honesty and integrity in our relationship, then we should have honesty and integrity in us. Therefore when we encounter that special someone, the qualities we desire and so desperately seek is brought to the table. In doing so, not making us perfect but instead, giving us the opportunity to pursue the level of happiness we want in our lives. Being happy and fulfilled begins on the inside of us. You heard the phrase charity begins at home. Well it is true. So if you are seeking that special someone, fill your soul with what you are looking for in that person, and in doing so you will find that man or woman of your dreams.

Janie De Coster
author of Broken Commandments

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Niambi Brown Davis said...

So very true; thanks for such a thought-provoking post