Friday, March 13, 2009

Second part of, WHY I WRITE

Good morning,

Happy Friday the 13th. It's kind of cool that I'm blogging for the second time on Friday the 13th. Bill and I have of course done our early morning running and I'm still full of energy. I had a Reiki treatment last Sunday and I swear I feel much better than I have in months. In fact we're going roller skating this afternoon.

Okay, I know my private life isn't the title you saw in my subject line so let's continue where we left off last month. I was telling you of my reasons for writing.

I have another family, we mostly talk on my yahoo group. But I talk to them everyday and in many ways they feel closer than blood. A few days ago one of the family members wanted to ask some questions about Adam and Eve, my characters from my vampire series. Let me tell you this discussion became serious, funny and intense.

This is the reason for my being a writer, to move people in one way or another, to have dialogue about the things that are in my head and make their way to paper. The fact that I could write a story that elicit emotions thrill me beyond belief. Whether you hate a character for whatever reason, I have still done what a writer tries to do and that is to involve you enough so that the story has some impact on you. My aim is to make readers think, to question, to wonder, to learn.

And the fact that my Yahoo family fought so hard with me, makes me even happier as a person and a writer. They understand that they are valued by me and that their opinions count. They are not afraid to voice their opinions and tell me what MY characters really meant. I love it. I love that we talk about the characters as though they are real. I love that they get angry with them and want to try and change their minds and influence them. The truth of it is I don't want anyone agreeing with me for the sake of agreeing with me. That's not who I am.

Now here we go back to the contrariness that Lisa G, thinks I indulge in on a regular basis. If everyone agreed with me I would do something to change that. For instance if I thought the sky was a beautiful orange and everyone agreed I would then say, "you know what I think it's yellow." I love to argue for the sake of argument, it's true. But I like honesty and honest opinions. I like people who stand firm by their beliefs even if their beliefs differ with mine on characters that I created. This is why I write.

And then of course we know that as much as I like to win the argument I like it even more that people find what I write and the ability to tell me face to face (sort of) to be the icing on the cake. The reason I can enjoy all of this is simple. If I don't like what my Yahoo family has to say and if they don't agree with me in the end, after all of my compelling arguments, I can simply write a scene and kill them off. That's why I write. LOL. Next month I'll share with you what readers expect from writers and why I can't give it. I hope I have you curious. See you next month.

Happy Friday the 13th



Miriam said...

Dyanne, I know exactly how you feel. I write because I can become something else during the time I'm writing. For awhile, the world just goes away.

A.M. Wells said...

Dyanne, thanks for the insight and being the inspiration that you are to me as an aspiring writer.

A.M. Wells/Brenda

Anonymous said...

Dyanne, I agree with your statements about our Yahoo Family discussion. We had a great time. I know I did. As a writer, I'm sure you learned something about your muse as well, the one that comes out without you realizing it.

You stood firm about your characters, principles and techniques. And that's as it should be. Stand by them!

We all speculated on your next book and that was an eye opener for me. At times we lose the author in the work, forget the motivation behind it. I clearly saw yours. I saw Dyanne.

I've read works by Anne Rice and L.A. Banks, and know from which I speak. I like your style.

I created an expression in 2003 and it still stands, "Vampires are people too." Ha!

Keep writing, Sister.

Mimi Tremont said...

If I don't like what my Yahoo family has to say and if they don't agree with me in the end, after all of my compelling arguments, I can simply write a scene and kill them off.

I look forward to being killed off.

Yet while I live, I must applaud you for writing characters that we as your fans and family could become invested in. Not many authors accomplish that, however you have done just that with Adam and Eve.

Now...since you're considering killing off a few of us via the written word, can I die of old age surrounded by my family and several sexy men with a smile on our faces?

Dyanne said...

Thanks Minnie, I'm glad Dyanne was somewhere in there. Between Adam and F. D. Davis I sometimes feel lost. We're gong to have to do that again soon.


Dyanne said...


When the times comes to kill you off I promise it will be a splendid death. But right now you're much too much fun to kill. Love you.


Dyanne said...

A.M Wells, You also inspire me. Thank you.


Dyanne said...


Isn't it the best feeling. While I was writing about Vulcan, demons were all that I could think about. LOL. Since I'm going to live the life I'd better think of being an angel for a second or so. LOL.


Miriam Pace said...

I love demons, too. When Jackie and I write paranormals, we're only limited by our own imaginations. We can get crazy and when we stop writing we can go back to our reality and be happy it is our reality.

Barbara K. said...

Yall - the part about Dyanne getting up early is no joke! Ask her how early! Like, before the Rooster crows! And don't you guys just love Ms. Davis' contrary ways? I know I do, for I've come to depend on a weekly, if not daily dose of it! LOL! Dyanne knows I love her like no other.

Miriam Pace said...

So Dyanne, how early is early? I know the rooster across the street, yes I live in the country, starts crowing around 4am.

Lisa said...

Like I said: CONTRARY.

Lisa G.