Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Writers Write

YEAH!!! The Critic is up for, Best AA Novel of 2008 (romance)

Why Writers Write.

Dear Readers (hopefully)

First off let me say, Happy Friday the 13th. The title I thought was catchy and I chose it before I wrote one word, so that’s what I’m going to write about today. Only it really should be titled, Why does Dyanne Davis write? Would you be surprised to learn that I hear voices in my head? No. Hmm thought so. And I think I know the reason. It’s probably because you’re used to hearing writers say that. We say it with pride and even laugh if someone looks at us a bit oddly. That’s the good kind of crazy.

Now, would you be surprised if I told you that I talk to myself? Ohhh. That’s the bad kind of crazy. But apparently I don’t care because I’m saying it anyway. Just in case you think this is me rambling which I tend to do a lot of. I actually have a point today. I had a conversation with MYSELF this morning about my title and I could see all the writers on this blog going, “who the heck does Dyanne think she is? She can’t speak for all writers. She has no idea why I write. Generally that wouldn’t deter me but today it did.

Why you ask. Thanks for asking. Well, it was because I kept talking to MYSELF and my friend Lisa G, soon joined my conversation. Lisa says that I’m contrary and you know what? I am. Then I realized that it’s because I’m contrary is the reason I write. I’ll bet you thought I was going to say that it was because of you, the readers, why I write. LOL. Actually that was my original plan because until this mental conversation that took place inside my mind this morning I thought you were the reason for my writing. Thank God you’re not. (You’ll find out later why I say this)

If you’re acquainted with me at all and have read any of my work whether you hated it, liked it or loved it there was a reason for the story and the reason began long before you’d ever heard of my name.

I’m going to speak in generalities for a moment. I believe ALL writers are readers and IMHO if they’re not they should be. I am first and foremost a reader. I began reading at the age of four and have carried on this lifelong love affair. Greek Mythology and the Bible were and still remains my favorite reading material. If the Bible can’t get my creative juices flowing nothing will. I think that’s probably where some of my contrariness comes from. I have talked to God since an early age. I know by the age of six it was a daily habit. And I’m not talking the in your mind keep it private kind of conversation, although I had those also. My first arguments were with God because I disagreed with the methods he’d chosen to work out his frustrations, punishments, whatever.

I’ll bet you’re getting interested now aren’t you? Are you wondering if Dyanne is going to hell or are you just going, YEP, not only is she crazy but Lisa was right, she’s contrary. My next words will confirm this. Again at a very early age I realized the ministers were not doing their homework, and had no idea what the things they were preaching about meant. So I asked and was insulted by the answers. My thought was, ‘Do your homework. You’re supposed to be able to talk to God and ask for understanding. Do it. I did. Well, when the practice continued of telling, the child anything I moved to the front pew and followed the minister with my eyes and cornered him the moment service was over to question him about the sermon. Now that I think of it they should have been glad. I was the only one not saying good sermon which meant I was the only who was actually paying attention.

Was I aware I was being contrary at the time? Maybe just a little. I was aware that I made the ministers afraid. I was also very much aware that instead of being afraid of a kid they could have done as I wanted them to do. Do your dang homework; stop looking at me in fear every Sunday. Have answers to my questions. But I’ll call that righteous contrariness. I just thought of something. I’d always believed it was my mission from God to call the ministers out on their laziness. But now I’m thinking God just plain got tired of arguing with me.

I am as aware as you are that this is supposed to be a blog and not a book so since we’re trying to entertain and get you to come back I will choose not to be contrary for this moment in time. I’ll pick up on March 13th. That’s the date that has been assigned to me for blogging. I can’t be all contrariness though because I took the assignment. (LOL) I’ll see if by March 13th I can actually make it into why I started writing romance. It was definitely because of my contrary nature. So for now it’s safe to say Dyanne Davis writes because she’s contrary. Have a great weekend everyone.




A.M. Wells said...

Hey, Dyanne,

Congradulations on the nomination and the insight. But you're not crazy, you're just a writer, with a very vivid imgination.


Dyanne said...

Thanks A. M, but coming from a writer on the crazy part, you know we do stick together. LOL.


Mimi Tremont said...

Why am I not remotely surprised about your questioning the minister each week?

Jax Cassidy said...

It's great to get to know the authors through their posts. Congrats on the nomination! I think your stuff is amazing :)

Dyanne said...


Am I to assume from this that you agree with Lisa G, as to my being contrary?

Now think about it for a moment. Who would a kid do this if it had not been a task given from ON HIGH?

Why would a learned man of the BIBLE fear said child?

Since you've had a moment to dwell on this maybe you're thinking I should have been up for sainthood instead of being labeled contrary. What say ye?


Dyanne said...

Hi Jax,

Thanks. I think your stuff is pretty amazing also. Ditto, I love reading about other people.


Abigail McKenley said...

Congrats on the nomination Dyanne. Contrary? Not at all.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Congrats on the nomination!!

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Congratulations, Dyanne!