Thursday, February 5, 2009

Real Love

I was reading the February issue of Ebony and the emphasis was on black love. President Obama, his lovely wife Michelle and their relationship seemed to be the main topic. Real love flows between the two of them like a summer breeze. The simplicity of a tender touch, a knowing smile, a passionate gaze cuddles them as they stand before a crowd. The challenges they face as President and First Lady seems to have little affect on the love they so intimately share. So I ask you, where does that kind of love comes from and where can we find it today? So many relationships falls apart at the first sign of trouble.

The pressures of marriage, children, aging parents, employment or the lack there of has taken a toll on couples trying to hold things together. What does it take these days for a couple to sustain their relationship inspite of the negativity and despair that lurks around, threatening to snatch away any glimps of happiness and fullfillment? Today's society is consumed with the me me me factor and it is costing us dearly. Broken marriages, broken children, broken government and ultimately a broken spirit. We need to go back to the days where families mattered. Where the values of loyalty, committment and morality were taught.

We need not only to rebuild our faith in America, but work needs to be done in the foundation of our homes and in our relationships towards others. Going back to our roots where our word stood for something. Having faith, trust, committment and values is not out of date. These things should be practice daily in our lives and in the upbringing of our children and then maybe real love will find its way back into our lives.

Janie De Coster
author of Hidden Secrets


Kelley Nyrae said...

Fantastic post!

Jax Cassidy said...

You're so right, Janie. Love is the central theme in which makes a family/relationship/society stronger. I think that's why there is a need for romance because it reminds us of what we need to hang onto during these tough times.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Wonderful, thoughtful post. Real love in the truest definition of the word looks past the bling and superficial things such as looks, possessions, and social status (whatever that is in 2009 - (lol). It's the strongest building block in family and community.

~tivi jones said...

Love, mutual respect and care for each other are important in my book. I think if more people loved, cared and had mutual respect for each other in America, we'd be much better off. The same goes for relationships.