Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's today

I don't know what today is. I thought it was August 11th, but that was yesterday. I'm a day late ... again. That seems to be a chronic condition lately along with a number of other health issues I was starting to really worry about. I haven't been able to focus and I cry easily, I feel like I just can't cope. My skin itches and my rash comes and goes so quickly, I can't keep track of my creams. I'm restless and can't sleep. I can't seem to stay on task for anything. What used to take me a couple hours is now taking me half a day. I knew there had to be something wrong. I'm too emotional, too whiny to be me. Yeah, I know a lot has gone on in my life the last eighteen months. Life-altering changes, but nothing that hasn't happened to other people. So why am I in such dire straits?

Time to go to the M.D.. Complete blood workup and what not. Went back yesterday to find out that I actually had a real, medical reason for being so out of sorts. I have a B vitamin deficiency. Serious enough I got a shot in my butt and have to return for the next 6 months before I have another blood workup. And I have to eat spinach. Yeah, spinach. Daily! Twice! I actually like spinach but I don't think I can manage it twice a day. I'm thinking what I'm going to do to hide spinach so that I don't know it's in my dish. I feel like I've created a new monster, Halloween Spinach, coming to a theater near you on October 25. Be careful of spinach leftovers caught between your front teeth.

Wow, that really crept up on me. Funny how you start making excuses for being exhausted, for not quite completing your last project, for crying without any real reasons, for thinking you forgot the grocery list only to discover you left it in the car and could have just marched right back out and gotten it.

I think I need a cruise. Jackie, Seressia and I originally booked one for October, but it didn't work for Seressia, so we've moved it back to February or March of 2010. We're thinking a short 5-6 day cruise to Cabo San Lucas. Drinking, maybe some writing, sleeping, maybe some writing, chasing guys, maybe some writing. Then I got to thinking why not invite the rest of you guys. I realize the economy is not going to be looking a whole lot better next spring, but I think a cruise with balmy breezes and sweet palms trees swaying in the wind would be just the thing to recharge us. Anyone interested? We'll keep it small and intimate and just plan to have some fun, some brainstorming, drinking, male ogling and mind boggling se...better not go there.

Let me know how you feel. Miriam

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