Monday, July 13, 2009

What I'm doing today.

It appears that what I'm doing today is rewriting this post over and over. Every single time I finish and then delete. Why you ask? Because what I've written so far has turned into nothing but a litany of complaints and who the heck want to hear that?

I don't.

I started off earlier about expectations and doing things becasue of yours and others expectations. Such as this blog that we are faithfully doing each month without any feedback other than from us.

Then I wrote about some of the crazy and nasty emails that writers receive because the readers don't like what the writer has written. I've been interviewing a lot of writers lately and was a bit surprised to hear what kind of things readers have written to writers about.

Then I wrote about how writers have to hold their tongue in the public arena. Naturally this caused me a bit of annoyance. I find that the treat others as you would like to be treated is sometimes going a bit far.

Then I decided to blog about the state of the economy and how it's trickling down to the publishing industry. I deleted that one also.

Now I find half the day is gone and the only thing I can think of to blog about are things that annoy me. So for the sake of all of us I will do this:

I hope all of you enjoy a very good week.



JC Martin said...

I have the same problems some time. Coming up with a blog topic that others can relate to. Hence, why I call my blog The Bizarre Ramblings of JC Martin, because that is what I'm doing I'm rambling about nothing and everything.

BTW, I'm a lurker. I read the blogs, I don't always comment.

Have a great week.

Dyanne said...


Thank you for commenting and for reading, lurker or not you're appreciated.


Miriam Pace said...

Dyanne, I'm sitting in my kitchen right now trying to compose a blog on something also. Finding topics to write about should be easy, after all, we're writers. I'm just not in a writing mood right now. I really want to go out and laze in the pool, or just take a nap. Heat usually leaves me peppy and filled with energy. Summer is my time, but not this summer.

I read an article not too long ago about how people use the Internet. Is this free speech or abuse? I wrote my own for J.M. Jeffries because I'm finding that there are almost no taboos on the Internet anymore and this worries me. Especially when a grown woman can masquerade as a young boy and say mean, spiteful and cruel things and tell the girl she's better off dead, so she killed herself.

Dyanne said...

You know Miriam,

It's not my lack of finding something to blog about it's just that I'm tempering the things that come out of my mouth. Once you post something on the Internet you can't take it back.

And like I said there are some things I'd like to rant about but shouldn't really do them in public. Let me put it this way I totally admired Anne Rice's courage in the open letter she wrote to fans???? who bashed her one book. So many people talked about her after it was like a war.

But you still wonder why when you're attack you can't attack back. Bad form.

I do agree with you about the things you've said about the Internet and could probably add a few more. Good luck with your blog.


Mimi Tremont said...

Dyanne, like JC, I tend to lurk here. But I completely understand what you mean.

As a human, nevermind a writer, you have to balance your blogging between the inflammatory and the insipid.

Inflammatory you can do all-day long. After all, it emcompasses strong feelings. But it can costs you not just readers, but friends. While insipid can bore you to tears and I need not tell you what a career killer that can be.

"What do you mean you fell asleep in the middle of reading my blog? That post was on paint-drying and how the dust landing created an infrared pattern in the shape of the Virgin Mary!"

Finding the balance between the two without devoting hours and hours to something that should only take 30 minutes is the key. At least for me it is. Too often I can't find that key, so in turn, I talk about whatever either interests me, or that I'm struggling with as a writer in the hopes that along the way, someone else will learn from my mistakes.