Thursday, January 29, 2009

Contest winners!

Here are the winners of the contest we held last week.

Art of Sensuality--Print--Connie Northrop
Unexpected Mr. Right--PDF--Cynthia
ARC--What White Boyz Ride--PDF-- Debbie Tsikuris
ARC--We'll Always Have Paris--PDF--Selena Illyria
Vegas Bites--Print-- MichelleB

Thanks SO much to everyone who participated. If the winners could email me at with your mailing address if you won a print book and emails if you won a PDF. Thanks again!


Jax Cassidy said...

Congrats, Connie! I hope you'll like my book. You can email me at jaxcassidy @ and give me your info.

Thanks Kelley for drawing the name!

Michelle B said...

Oh wow, I won something! How cool. I'm so excited:D

Debbie Tsikuris said...

In case I didn't 'thank you' just wanted to let you know I appreciate winning: "What White Boyz Ride", didn't expect it.
Looking forward to reading it.